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It is everyone’s desire to buy a house in the UAE’s thriving real estate market, and we are here to help you realize your aspirations. Our skilled team of mortgage consultant in Dubai can assist you in raising the necessary cash to purchase your dream house or exquisite business premises, whether you are a corporate or individual buyer buying a residential or commercial property. We are channel partners for a number of banks and can simply evaluate the prices offered by various institutions to assist you in obtaining financing at the lowest interest rate and with the best terms and circumstances.

Our mortgage consultant in Dubai can assist with all of your property loan and commercial loan requirements. Our efficient team puts the best effort into discovering the most appropriate mortgage solutions. Our Mortgage team evaluates all available products in the market and shortlists the most appropriate choices for you and coordinates all necessary documents.

Refinancing directs to the procedure of returning an existing finance with a new loan that repays the borrower’s existing debt. The new mortgage loan has better terms and conditions than the original mortgage, as well as financial benefits. Most of the time, the new mortgage loan has a lower interest rate than the original mortgage, and the borrower can save a lot of money by paying lower EMIs. Lending terms change all the time, so if you have an old mortgage loan that has become too expensive or risky to keep, you can contact us to have it refinanced with a loan that has much better terms and conditions, saving you a large amount of money.

Better Way Finance is a Provident-affiliated independent mortgage broker. If you are a real estate proprietor in the UAE, or if you are seeking to finance a fresh or existing real estate, take advantage bespoke services.

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Why Choose Us?

Better Way Finance has extensive experience in the United Arab Emirates. You can take advantage of our in-depth research and the best offers our mortgage consultant in Dubai provide to our customers.

You’ll get personalized advice from completely capable advisors, affordable and competitive rates, a transparent mortgage process, and access to an assortment of home loan programs.

Better Way Finance will make sure you get the greatest prices and a seamless financial aid application procedure. Better Way Finance is the place to go if you’re looking for unbiased financial advice from industry specialists who always put your needs first.

property finance service in dubai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Mortgage consultants get personal details and a loan application and utilize it to evaluate the credit and financial background of the borrower. The consultant describes the loan proceeds to the applicants and utilizes underwriting software to decide the amount an applicant can afford to borrow and repay.

A mortgage broker hired by a lender has a limited array of loan products obtainable. A mortgage consultant can have an area of specialization, although mortgage consultants would also give an array of options.

Mortgage consultants perform with lending units working on the behalf of a probable borrower to acquire the finest loan for the financial position of the borrower. While they don’t work directly for the banks, they act as independent contractors and usually build rapport with real estate agents who suggest them to customers expecting to apply for a loan.

A mortgage is a contract between the lender or borrower that provides the lender the right to take your property in case you fail to pay back the amount you have borrowed with interest. Mortgage loans are utilized to purchase a house.

There are several kinds of mortgage available that are :
• Fixed-rate mortgage
• Variable rate mortgage
• Re-mortgage
• Offset mortgage
• Investment mortgage
• Non-resident mortgage
• Discounted rate mortgage
• Capped mortgage

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